By Jo Le Borgne , Chris Millyard, Marietta Nettl and Anne Roumieu June 2008

Here is a very small selection of AAGP members recommendations, further information can be found at the Tourist Office, or by just wandering around town! All you have to do is wear some comfortable shoes and walk the streets of Marseille, you’ll discover all manner of interesting shops. Principle shopping streets are Rue St.Ferréol, La Canebière and the indoor Centre Bourse shopping centre. Marseille is reputed to comprise originally of over 100 small villages, naturally these have merged to make the city what it is today, but each area has its own core of ‘village’ boutiques and everyday shops.

Presents from Marseille

There is an incredible choice of t-shirts about Marseille, Marseille En Vacances 7 rue Bailli de Suffren [1st arr] has a good choice as does Le Marseillais 12 rue Glandeves [1st arr] and Zigzag 31 rue Francis Davso which both also have a large selection of gifts connected to Marseille!. Key rings, mats, mugs, lighters, posters (also found at the Tourist Office ), packs of cards … these shops are all near the Tourist Office. A good address for provencal gifts is the Galerie Lafayette, Centre Bourse shopping centre. Place aux Huiles 2 place David [2nd arr.] Mediterranean specialities for olive oil, scents of Provence, soaps of Marseille, gifts and souvenirs. Les Baux Provencaux as the name suggests sells all manner of regional products (household fabrics, lavender and olive products etc.) and can be found not far from the Tourist Office at 2, Place Gabriel Peri.

If it's buttons, bows, buckles, hairslides, fittings to make your own jewelry or anything you can think of in the haberdashery line, then pay a visit to - Mary Jane 8 rue de la Providence - 28 rue Petit st Jean - 27 rue Tapis Vert 13001 Marseille Tel. : 04 91 90 15 50 open Monday to Saturday, 9h30 to 18h30 This is an Aladin's cave of glittering beads, necklaces, bracelets, trinkets, charms, earings and accessories. The teenage girls will love it. You can wander from 'room' to 'room' contunally being dazzled by what there is to buy, or just to take a look. The store is tucked down a side street between Centre Bourse and the Alcazar Library.

Football fans

There are now 3 OM shops in Marseille: *The Velodrome, 3,bd Michelet, *44, La Canebière and *31 rue saint Ferréol.


Vieille Charité [2nd arr.] bookshop have a great selection. Funingoes 18 rue Doctor Jean Fiolle [6th arr.] 0873040412 / 0491533480 open Tues - Sat 10:00 – 19:00. Specialist language bookshop, particularly good for children. Great place for present ideas for children, good selection of English.dvds, story tapes, cds, books, puppets. Large selection of resources for teaching and learning English, Spanish, French, German etc. Same materials as available in the UK, great for presents as well as home and class use AND run by an AAGP member! If you can’t see what you want then it can be ordered.

AAGP member Jack Cox, who has family connections with Marseille has written two books about the city. Available from the Tourist Office or direct from the author. Contact details in the members handbook.

Les Arcenaulx 25 Cours d’Estienne d’Orves. Housed in a fabulous old building, one enters via the huge doorway of the old arsenal. Look at the wonderful higgledy-piggledy arrangements of old letter boxes at the bottom of the stairs. In this mysterious setting can be found provencal fabrics, beautiful table decorations and small delicate objects for the home, soaps, oils and candles. As well as having a separate restaurant Restaurant des Arcenaux, the spacious tea room is a great place for meeting up with friends. The bookshop Librairie Jeanne Laffitte, has an excellent selection of books about Provence and Marseille, travel books and a raised area for children to sit and look at books. There is a mix of new and quality second-hand books, mostly focusing on specialist travel and large art books. In another ‘gallery’ specifically set aside are antiquarian books (many leather bound), maps and prints. Most books are in French, just a very small selection of English books about Marseille.

The oldest hardware shop in France, a real Aladdin’s cave is Maison Empereur, 4 rue Récolettes founded in 1827, the shop is now in the hands of the 6th generation of the same family. Great for cooks and domestic items, DIY’ers, gardeners and browsers looking for nothing in particular [] Noaille, this North African area has wonderful street and fruit markets. This area is also great for herbs, spices and items of haberdashery.

At the Faiencerie Figuères factory shop, available to buy mini to huge “trompe l’oeil” table decorations made of glazed earthware, 10–12 ave de Lauzier [8th arr.]

Savonnerie Marseillaise de la Licorne, 34, Cours Julien, sells savon [soap] de Marseille made in the small workshop behind the store.

Food and Sweets

Marseille has a vast choice of all types of international food, you simply have to wander around to find what suits you. The Food Hall in Gallerie La Fayette in the Centre Bourse has many individual counters which focus on specialities from different countries as well as typical French products. Favourites from the UK. Gallerie LaFayette in the Centre Bourse and Prado have a limited choice. The Navette the Marseille biscuit. The Four des Navettes 136, rue Sainte, the oldest boulangerie in Marseille. Another good address is Les Navettes des Accoule 68 rue Caisserie in the Panier. La Cure Gourmande on the Canebiére has a selection of biscuits and bonbons. The Haribo factory shop has a super choice of sweets in all size packets including liquorice, jelly babies, etc. The shop can be found at 9, bd Gay Lussac [14th arr.] near the Arnavaux On the corner of Rue Francis Davso and Rue Breteuil there is a specialist cheese shop called Normandy.


For chocoholics, L'Espérantine de Marseille, 15 rue de Vignerons. They make and sell chocolates based on local grown olives and almonds..... delicious. Olive oil seems an unlikely ingredient for chocolate but it works, check out their website Chocolaterie du Panier 49 rue du Petit Puits 04 91 55 70 41 is a family business with 138 different types of chocolate prepared without fresh cream or butter, they use fruit, lavender, basil, onions, olive oil. Their second shop can be found 35 rue Vacon. And more chocolate can be bought from two branches of Dromel 19 avenue du Prado, 04 91 80 08 08 and 6 rue de Rome, this company was founded in 1760.


Marseille has great choice of markets, spoilt for choice! Most markets are daily, mornings only. Watch the fishermen off-load their boats at the fish market on the Vieux Port, seven days a week. Other regular markets are all over town but the principle ones are… Flowers Vieux Port Tuesday & Saturday. La Plaine Wednesday. Prado (even numbers side) Friday. Mixed markets La Plaine Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. Prado (odd numbers side only) daily 8am-1pm. Capucins daily. Vieux Port on Sunday mornings near the fishermen. Organic products Wed. and Sat. Cours Julien. Everyday all over town many other fruit and vegetable markets can be found. Bric-à-brac Marché aux Puce 130 Chemin de la Madrgue Ville. Sunday mornings and Brocante Saturday mornings. Antique and secondhand bookshops, Rue Edmond Rostand. More secondhand books Cours Julien. Every other Sunday morning, a flea-market and stamp collecting Cours Julien.


An old fashioned Chemist. Pharmacie - Herboristerie du Pere Blaize This very traditional type chemist shop dating back to 1815, has all the fragrances of field and fauna, there are all manner of potions, oils and herbal remedies. The shop has an old fashioned wooden facade, take a look at their website to view the interior, better still if you're not far from the end of the Canabiere, go and visit for yourself. Like stepping back in time. 4 et 6 rue Meolan 13001 Marseille Open Tuesday to Saturday 9h30 - 12h30 and 14h30 to 18h45 Tel : 04 91 54 04 01

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