AAGP Membership

Our objectives are to help English-speaking newcomers to adapt to life in Provence; to preserve and share our traditions, language and culture; and to promote friendship and understanding with the French community. (There is a link at the bottom of this page to the membership application form.)

Student Membership

We are now offering a special reduced membership for native English speaking students from abroad who are in Provence for their studies. The same nationality rules described below apply.

We will require a photocopy of your valid student identity card.

Yearly subscription: September–September - 20€
Half yearly subscription: January–September - 10€

The reduced rate is individual and we will not be sending a Magazine. The Members List could be sent by mail on special request. The Magazine can be read on line as you will be sent the access code to the Members section of our website.

Download the student application form in another window.

Eligible Nationalities

If you are a passport-holder and/or English-speaking national of these countries, you are welcome to apply to join:

Spouses of the above:

The Board may also, again at their discretion, consider applications from foreign nationals who are widows/widowers and or divorcees of Anglo-American spouses.

Other nationalities:

Written applications are also welcome from other foreign nationals provided that they speak English fluently. This type of membership is limited to one third of the total membership and is subject to Board ratification. The Board reviews the applications in chronological order of receipt, each January. Please write to our Membership Secretary (see below).


Statutes and Rules and Regulations

Please read our statutes and our rules and regulations before applying for membership.
Download the AAGP Statutes
Download the AAGP Rules and Regulations

Application Form

Please print both pages of the application form recto-verso, i.e., on one two-sided page, to save paper, if possible.

Download the membership application form in another window.

The two pages of the application form should be printed, filled out, and sent, with a cheque payable to the AAGP, to the Membership Secretary:

Madame Elizabeth GOERGEN
Chemin de la Treille
13790 Peynier

We cannot accept cheques/drafts made out on banks outside France even if it is written in euros as the bank charges for cashing it are too high.


Madame Elizabeth GOERGEN
Phone: 04 42 53 04 07
e-mail: membership@aagp-provence.com

Magazine Overseas

Unfortunately, due to the rise in postage, we are not longer able to send paper copies of our magazine outside of Europe. The cost is more than the fees over the year. You will be requested to read it online; it is posted on the website at the beginning of each month in the Members' Section; the username and password to access the Members' Section are listed in the Members List which will be sent to you upon receipt of your cheque. However, if you wish to have the paper copy of the magazine we will ask you to pay 50€ dues plus the 10€ initial registration fee.

Members Lists will be mailed, not emailed.